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Frequently Asked Questions

When does player registration take place?

  • Online registration for the spring season begins on January 1st each year. Registration ends during the third week of March typically. See website for exact dates.
  • Online registration for the fall season begins on June 1st each year. Registration ends in the middle of August.

What do I need to bring to registration?

  • The league requires a copy of the player's birth certificate. You can bring the original and we can copy on site. Payment is also due at the time of registration.

When does the season begin?

  • The spring season begins practicing around the first of April. While games begin on Opening Day, which is usually the 1st Saturday in May.
  • The fall season usually begins the second Sunday in September. There are no scheduled practices during the fall season (although a coach may have a practice on his/her own)

What is the league fundraiser?

  • Every player participates in the league fundraiser. The money for the fundraiser is included in the registration fee. Each player will receive a box of Worlds Finest Chocolate candy bars and is responsible for selling the bars. The money earned from selling the bars is kept by the player (family). There are 60 candy bars in each box so each player can recoup $60 of the registration fee.

How do I request a specific coach?

  • Each head coach can turn in a roster of up to six players. If you want your child to be coached by a certain coach then you have to talk to the coach about being placed on the roster. The coach has to receive permission to put players on their roster by having each player and their parent/guardian fill out and sign a Free Agent Release form. Give the filled out form directly to the coach, do not give to league officials. These forms are available on the front page of the website. The only exception to a coach being able to reserve more than six players is in the Shetland Division. In the Shetland Division a coach may include up to 13 players on their roster.

Can my child play up to the next division?

  • Although we don't encourage it the league does allow players in the top bracket of an age group to play in the next division up. For example, if a player wants to play in the Bronco Division and they are 10 years old, they may do so. However, if they are 9 years old they must remain in the Mustang Division. Please notate this on your registration.

How do I get my child onto one of TBA's competitive teams?

  • Each year in August the competitive teams hold tryouts for the following season. Please be on the lookout for information on our website in late July or early August.

What days and times are practices?

  • Practices begin the week after Adams 12 School Districts Spring Break. Teams will practice three days a week. The sessions are either Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Their are three time slots for each weekday; 5pm - 6:30pm, 6:30pm - 8pm, or 8pm - 9:30pm. The later time slots are reserved for Bronco and Pony divisions. Saturday time slots are 9am - 10:30am, 10:30am- 12pm, or 12pm - 1:30pm.
  • The Shetland Division practices twice a week, an hour each practice. Days and times TBD but the time slots will start at 5pm on weekdays.
  • Once the game season begins, coaches are responsible for setting up their own practices.
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